Buy and spend Bitcoin in an easy, fast and secure way – A review to Bitnovo

Hate account registration and extra verification in buying bitcoins? Bitnovo offers a fast, easy and secure way of buying Bitcoin in just few simple steps.


Bitnovo is an online platform which allows buying of Bitcoin. Selling is not yet supported but will soon be available. However, they offer selling of coupons which will earn you depending on the amount you want your coupon to be sold. The site was launched in December 2015 and in few months time, they gained an amazing growth and has been a favorite among English and Spanish Bitcoin users.

Bitnovo offers several secure payment options in buying Bitcoin. This includes credit cards, wire transfers, Skrill and Banking Sofort. The website supports English and Spanish languages. They also offer the most competitive prices around. You can buy Bitcoin from them easily with no registration, in real-time and with guarantee.


Buying Bitcoin with them is very simple and easy. You can complete the steps in less than 5 minutes. The entire payment process is guaranteed 100% secure and Bitcoin are received in less than thirty minutes.

Buy Bitcoin

Bitnovo has a very simple user interface. At homepage, you will be able to see two options which are “Buy Bitcoins” and “Buy Card”. On the “Buy Bitcoin” option, you place the amount of Bitcoin you want to purchase in Euros. Then, you enter your bitcoin address, phone number and email address. Choose your preferred payment method and solve a captcha code to verify you are real. On the next page, enter your personal details such as your name, birthdate and address. Following that is your confirmation of the details you provided and finally you provide your payment details. You will then receive your Bitcoin in less than 30 minutes.



Another exciting feature that Bitnovo offers a new payment method which is the Bitcard. Bitcard is a prepaid debit card charged with Bitcoin. and is currently available in Euro denominations. The money on the card will be available for use as soon as the Bitcoin transaction is validated in the blockchain. Funding the card is extremely fast as what Bitnovo says, allowing users to spend bitcoins at any physical and online store in real-time. The card can also be used with Paypal and Amazon and can be used to withdraw cash using any MasterCard ATM anywhere in the world.

Bitcard can be easily acquired and used in four simple steps. First, apply for one using the “Buy card” option at Bitnovo’s homepage and receive it through mail in the soonest time possible. Once you get your card handy, you will be required to activate it through SMS. Then, register the card through the the “Activate Card” option on the website and charge it with Bitcoin using the “Reload Card” option.


The Bitcard solution, as Bitnovo team explained, will help increase Bitcoin adoption and will allow Bitcoin enthusiasts to spend their Bitcoin anywhere and in every day life, at the same time convert them instantly to cash using ATMs.

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