Buy Bitcoins the easiest way using Credit cards – A review to CoinMama

One of the easiest ways in buying Bitcoins is through Credit cards because this does not need users to go through a lengthy process of depositing money in the local bank. One place to do this is with CoinMama. CoinMama is an online trading platform where users can buy Bitcoins in the easiest and quickest way by using your credit or debit cards. Users will be able to get their Bitcoins in just a matter of minuts. The exchange is based in the Virgin Islands and was founded in April 2013.



The exchange offers cash and credit card payments such as Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Moneygram, PM and Western Union via Simplex. This allows users to pay online and get their Bitcoins as quickly as possible.

Aside from Bitcoin, they also offer buying of Ethereum. Selling these cryptocurrencies is not yet available but will be implemented in the website soon.

CoinMama accepts all kinds of fiat currencies. This allows users to make a payment with their local currency. The pricing displayed in their website are EUR and USD though.


Their website is available in English, Italian, French, German and Spanish which allows users from different parts of the world to understand their platform and at the same time adopt to what Bitcoin is. However, the availability of the website’s functionalities depends on the rules and laws of the country from which you access the site.

CoinMama also offers a chat section where users can send their concerns and problems. In order to use this contact support, you will be required to state your name and address or you can login using your Google plus or Facebook account. You can also contact them through email by sending inquiries to

The exchange also offers their customers to earn through their affiliate program. Users can earn 15% of CoinMama’s commission on all of the purchases your referrals make.


Fees depends on the payment method you are using to send your funds with. By using credit cards, fees are a bit lower.

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CoinMama requires users to verify their identity to prevent money laundering and other issues alike. They require a high quality image of your government issued ID such as International passport, Driver’s license or National ID card.

When it comes to your sensitive personal details, Coinmamaassures that they are encrypted and securely stored in their dedicated servers. They take their customers security and privacy at their topmost priority. In addition, users’ credit and/or debit card information are not passed on or saved in CoinMama’s system.

User Interface has a modern and easy-to-use user interface. Opening the website is fast and is very informative. You can also easily and quickly sign in or create an account as the Login of Register form is displayed upon entering the website.

Signing up requires your first and last name, email address, password and the country you reside. Identity verification process is also quick and easy which will be done after you have completely registered in the website.


Bitcoin and Ethereum prices are visibly displayed in the website and you will also be able to see how much you will need to pay.

Overall, with all these characteristics, CoinMama is an amazing way to buy Bitcoins. They have a great potential in the industry and continues to be more competitive through improving their services through the years.

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