Nitrogen Sports – an in depth review of the best Bitcoin Sportsbook and Casino

Play in the biggest and most reliable Bitcoin Sportsbook, dice, blackjack, and poker in the world.

Nitrogen Sports is the number one sportsbook on the web that uses Bitcoin. It has been online since December 04, 2012 and is headquartered in San Pedro, Costa Rica. They do not accept Bitcoin when they started up but due to the struggle of attracting players, they decided to add the cryptocurrency in March 2013. Since then, they joined Bitcoin’s booming period and quickly climbed in popularity.

According to Bitedge‘s review on Nitrogen, they ranked the number 1 Bitcoin sportsbook, followed by Cloudbet and Based on their objective measurements, such as the web interface, a range of bets, customer service, privacy, and security, they lead the industry with more bets, more customers and better reputation than the other ones. Their website is designed in a sleek and modern way for users to easily and intuitively browse and make bets with. They also provide a live chat that adds more excitement and fun on the website.

Nitrogen Sports also received a B+ rating from by maintaining a consistent good feedback from its players. They proved to have fast withdrawals, typically at five to ten minutes payout from the sportsbook website. By using Bitcoin, it gave them no way for slow-paid withdrawals by not having a third-party processor that slows down the transactions. Also, SBR said that the website is also in the lead when it comes to safety and security. The website itself is encrypted and they provide two-factor authentication to all of their players.

Exploring Nitrogen Sports

Getting started with the online sportsbook is easy and fast. They provide a user-friendly website experience, especially to new users. They give an option whether the player will create an account or they will automatically create an account for you. By letting them create you an account, you only need to add a username and a password.

It is also easy to deposit and withdraw your Bitcoins in their online cashier. They will provide you a Bitcoin address when depositing and you can withdraw your coin anytime with your own Bitcoin address. You can also easily transfer funds to your friend right on their website.

The minimum bet is at 0.001 BTC. Maximum bets depend on a lot of factors such as sport, league or how long is the start time. You do not need to worry how much you can wager because limits are displayed next to the bet. The maximum bets are either a RISK or TO-WIN value.

Aside from betting in sports, you can also play poker and casino on the website. Playing is extremely secure because you can play anonymously without giving your personal details, together with the two-factor authentication account security.

Another exciting feature in the website is their Nitrogen Sports Blog. It is where they post the latest events and promos that they offer. They also post guides about Bitcoin and about playing inside the sportsbook website.

They also have a Nitrogen shop where they sell Branded merchandize as their way to promote the sportsbook. They sell shirts, jackets, mugs, caps, and bags printed with Nitrogen logo at a reasonable price.

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