The most advanced Bitcoin trading platform in Asia – A reveiw to Quoine Exchange

QuoinExchange is another online trading platform dedicated for Bitcoin. They named themselves as the most advanced Platform in Bitcoin Trading.

The company has several locations in Singapore, Hongkong and Japan aiming to deliver quality trading service to serious Bitcoin traders across Asia. They are composed of banking professionals with expertise in financial services and products, trading systems and other relative operations. They believe that every financial dealings should be treated as the way we treat “Hygiene”. In order to perform properly, they focus themselves in compliance and security, offering a platform that is usable and convenient for both beginners and advance users.

Mike Kayamori

Mike Kayamori

Qouine’s CEO and co-founder, Mike Kayamori held senior roles at Mitsubishi Corp, Softbank Group and Globespan Capital Partners for a total of 20 years. He is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Law at University of Tokyo and an MBA graduate at Harvard.


Mario Gomez Lozada

Mario Gomez Lozada

On the other hand, CTO co-founder and President of Product Mario Gomez Lozada is a graduate of Bachelor and Master’s degree in Computer Science at University of Kansas. He also accumulated 15 years of experience in senior positions at Japan for Credit Suisse, Pacific Rim Fixed Income Currencies & Commodities for Merrill Lynch Japan, and Fixed Income, Currencies & Commodities Asia.



Quoine features fast execution using a Matching Engine that can process almost a million transactions per second. They also offer trading fees for as low as zero percent. They cover almost all major currencies in Asia and around the world. These include JPY, HKD, SGD, USD, EUR, PHP, IDR, AUD and of course BTC. They are aiming to add more fiat currencies in the future and eventually support all of the currencies in the world. Margin trading starts in a 2x to 25x leverage.

Withdrawing Bitcoin from Quoine is also a smooth process. It takes less than the mentioned 24 hours to complete.

User interface

The website provides real time prices, live charts and other trend indicators. It is available in English, Japanese and Indonesian. The platform also has a modern design and is very user-friendly. The interface was primarily designed for mobile device browsers as most Asian Forex traders preferred to use smartphones. Like other online exchanges, Quoine has built in bitcoin wallet and payment systems.

User interface

Other services

Other than trading services, they also offer a lending platform wherein users can earn daily interest by lending their Bitcoin to margin traders. Also, they offer an open API for developers to access important features on the platform. Users can earn more through referrals.


Security is also one of their top priority. They use a cold storage for their trading Bitcoin wallet secured from hackers. They also use the most advanced encryption technologies for all sensitive information transferred between client applications and their back-end servers. Two-factor authentication adds an additional security layer for their clients’ account. The process requires the users username, password and a security code that is only available to the users mobile phone and changes every few seconds.

Quoine implements strict processes for transaction settlements similar to the ones used by financial institutions. They run automated balance and checks regularly to ensure all trades and transactions are updated in their servers. Before settlements take place, internal reports are first reviewed by the staff and then approved by the management.

Quoine is also one of the current Asian Cryptocurrency exchanges that aims to replace the position left by Mt. Gox as one of the largest Asian exchange in the world.

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